Andy Goldsworthy Postcards and Cards Set


A rare collection of Andy Goldsworthy cards.

Seven cards with envelopes, as above – 3 x Iceworks cards 3 x Panoramic Cards, plus ‘Two Autumns’.

Bracken stalks laid on water amongst alders 
Scaur Glen, Dumfriesshire, 6 March 1990
Rosebay Willow Herb stalks grown bent by the wind thin end of one stuck up wider hollow end of another drawing a waterfall 
Scaur Water, Dumfriesshire, 7 January 1992
Red maple leaves held with water sunny 
Ouchiyama River, Japan, 18 November 1991
Yellow elm leaves laid over a river rock low water 
Scaur Water, Dumfriesshire, 15 October 1991
Thin ice formed overnight lifted from river pools frozen around a rock 
Scaur Water, Dumfriesshire, December 1991



Seven cards with envelopes, as above – 2 x Iceworks cards 2 x Panoramic Cards, plus ‘Two Autumns’.

In the winter of 1985-6 a young Andy Goldsworthy came to London from his home in Cumbria to work with his hands in the ice and snow on Hampstead Heath. For six weeks, using only the materials to hand – twigs, leaves, feathers, stones, and the ice and snow itself – he created a series of ephemeral sculptures while locals or visitors to the Heath watched.


  1. Robert Doel
    (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with these cards, as “cards”, but I was expecting from the description that they would be actual postcards. I collect postcards so obviously postcards would have been preferable. I have put them in my ephemera collection!

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