“By looking closely at traditional and contemporary silviculture the growing and cultivation of trees we will experiment with the ways that the wood is reimagined at each installation.”

Assemble are a Turner-prize-winning collective of 15 architects whose work addresses the relationship between people and the built environment. They take a hands-on, collaborative approach, and for Log Book they have drawn inspiration from bodgers – traditional craftsmen living and working with wood – whose tools, products and working quarters were all composed of the same material.

With the spirit of resourcefulness and spontaneity embodied by bodgers, Assemble’s first installation will be at the Chapter House in Lincoln Cathedral, where a grassroots campaign will be run alongside to encourage people in Lincoln to share their tree stories – these will be digitally recorded and played from speakers placed inside the Chapter House. Visitors to the finished installation will therefore experience a physical artwork that speaks both literally and metaphorically about our historic, social, economic and spiritual relationship with trees and woods. An oral history of trees in Lincoln, told by the people of Lincoln, 800 years after the Charter of the Forest.

Once this first installation is over, the structure will be deconstructed before being used again to create a different installation at a new site, where it will appear as something different from the first installation. This process of deconstruction and reconstruction will continue at each subsequent location, creating a chronology of simple structures, environments and objects which show us the amazing utility of wood: evolving from logs to planks, split firewood through to shavings and finally paper for publishing a book about the project.



The Chapter House at Lincoln Cathedral (left) will be the setting for installing Assemble’s Log Book, a project inspired by the makeshift life of bodgers (right) and the tools they used, including the shave horse (image strip below) for green wood work.

This project forms part of the Tree Charter Art Residency Programme

Log Book – Utility & Livelihoods

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